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Dear Students & Families:

We are now five weeks into the school-year (Holy Cow!). Time to share, review, and gather some information. Thus, this newsletter focuses on 4 opportunities for engagement with several hyperlinks highlighted:

  1. Final Presentations Save-the-Date
  2. Action Project OnIns (Online Investigations)
  3. Student Survey
  4. Student & Family Site details

1. Final Presentations take place on Thursday morning, 10/24, from 10:30-noon, at GCE.  Guests work directly with students and we need an accurate count, so PLEASE RSVP to Kim at 312.643.0991.

2. Action Project OnIns are live!!!

We strongly encourage you to view your children’s blogs, and we also maintain a school blog. Previously, all posts were available at; and you may still find archives from the past few years.  Since we are in the midst of rebranding, we are beta testing our new blog which features the first two dynamic OnIn posts from this year: Designing Better Tools (junior D & E course) and Access Local Profiles (freshman MDGs & You course). Please check them out and let us know your thoughts by sharing comments.  

3. Student Survey.

As you know, we are a laboratory for learning, and we constantly seek feedback that we may use to innovate and improve.  Students, please complete this survey based on your first 5 weeks. Thank you.

4. Student & Family Site.

This year we have created a comprehensive site that transparently communicates pretty much everything we do and that you need to know.  Please review this site closely so that you are more aware and skilled at navigating the GCE experience.  Please also click any of the links below and they will take you directly to that specific site page (sub-pages in parentheses). Thank you.

Thank you.

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