Bioneers Youth Event (11/1)

Hello, Youth of All Ages!

In 2 weeks, the Bioneers event is happening with a program dedicated to Youth (High School & College)! The theme is community resilience inspired by nature.

GCE will be attending as a school, and we would love to see the place packed with youth.

So, please spread the word to your friends, previous schools, families, etc…  Make it shine on Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest! 🙂

A BIT OF INFO: Ameena Matthews from the Interrupters (CureViolence) is opening for the youth! Adam Gottlieb from Louder than a Bomb is performing. Robbie from The Encyclopedia Show is MCing. Admissions for students is just $5 (a steal).  More info here.

Welcome to Fall Final Presentations, 2013!

GCE is hosting its first round of Final Presentations this year — and we hope you have a wonderful time exploring the student work, both in the real and in the virtual worlds.

1. In the Real World

Every term (5x/year), GCE students lead Final Presentations, inviting the community to experience what education may be in the 21st century.
Final Presentations are happening on Thursday Oct 23, from 10:30am to 12:00pm.
At GCE/Menomonee Club, 1535 N. Dayton St., Chicago, IL – 60642  Phone: 312.643.0991
Please use the map below to navigate through the different stations featuring student work, at GCE.

2. In the Virtual World

We believe education should always be interactive, both online & offline.  In the virtual world, we create Online Installations (OnIns) to allow the community to learn, by interacting with some of the student work generated in a GCE course.
At the GCE beta (experimental) blog:
Every course generates at least 1 OnIn; therefore, expect 4 to 8 installations per term.
Please click on the image below to access the beta blog — and leave us a comment, a shout out, a question, a poem… Interact!  A blog does not exist without its community.

Your Mass is Critical – Ride on Friday (Oct 25)

what & why?
Join hundreds of other Chicago-area cyclists, transit advocates, anarchists and ghouls this Friday, October 25th for the monthly Critical Mass bike ride. The October ride is especially festive as riders are encouraged to wear their costumes while riding.

where & when?
Meet at 5:30 pm at Daley Plaza (Dearborn & Washington Streets), bring your bike and helmet, and you’re set – there is no cost to ride.

* Image credits: CHIPPS, Laurie. (2007). Chicago Critical Mass’ 10th Anniversary. Blue Bikes; Flickr.  

Have you chosen your Electives?

Please use the form below to select your Electives and Health & Wellness options.

Before you decide, here’s some context: Electives are opportunities to combine subjects that are not normally combined: Math + History, or Science + Art, for example.  Therefore, electives give both teachers & students an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones. Keep that in mind as you choose your electives: we invite you to take a risk and try subjects you haven’t tried before.

As a piece of inspiration, check out this video of a previous elective, in which students (and teachers!) definitely stepped out of their comfort zone.

Please find below the form to know and choose your electives:

[Video from a previous Elective: Global RAP]

Get Engaged … in School

Dear Students & Families:

We are now five weeks into the school-year (Holy Cow!). Time to share, review, and gather some information. Thus, this newsletter focuses on 4 opportunities for engagement with several hyperlinks highlighted:

  1. Final Presentations Save-the-Date
  2. Action Project OnIns (Online Investigations)
  3. Student Survey
  4. Student & Family Site details

1. Final Presentations take place on Thursday morning, 10/24, from 10:30-noon, at GCE.  Guests work directly with students and we need an accurate count, so PLEASE RSVP to Kim at 312.643.0991.

2. Action Project OnIns are live!!!

We strongly encourage you to view your children’s blogs, and we also maintain a school blog. Previously, all posts were available at; and you may still find archives from the past few years.  Since we are in the midst of rebranding, we are beta testing our new blog which features the first two dynamic OnIn posts from this year: Designing Better Tools (junior D & E course) and Access Local Profiles (freshman MDGs & You course). Please check them out and let us know your thoughts by sharing comments.  

3. Student Survey.

As you know, we are a laboratory for learning, and we constantly seek feedback that we may use to innovate and improve.  Students, please complete this survey based on your first 5 weeks. Thank you.

4. Student & Family Site.

This year we have created a comprehensive site that transparently communicates pretty much everything we do and that you need to know.  Please review this site closely so that you are more aware and skilled at navigating the GCE experience.  Please also click any of the links below and they will take you directly to that specific site page (sub-pages in parentheses). Thank you.

Thank you.