Welcome to GCE 2013.14

Dear Families and Friends:

Welcome to an extraordinary school year.  We are honored to be your partners in learning and eager to see how your children become more autonomous, accountable, purpose driven, and rooted in gratitude. We have doubled our student population while tackling a major re-branding campaign (from GCE to C2 Labs — “City2Classroom”), and we are entertaining significant discussions with partners about scaling our Model to serve thousands more students. All of this organizational evolution requires one thing: attention to your children and their learning.  

Our school’s operational system and curriculum are much more transparent this year, and we hope this will help each of you become more engaged. Please look to the Students & Families website for access to almost all relevant questions, operations, and paperwork.  
There will be a series of Tea & Talk gatherings intended for parents to meet each other, ask questions, share resources, and plan events.  October 24th at noon, immediately following Fall Final Presentations, is our first such event.  These are coordinated by GCE Parent and Board Member, Andrea Herrera, who may be contacted by email at any time.

The Students & Families website also gives you to the following (and much more):

  • Access & explore course sites
  • Check grades
  • Plan for College & Post-grad life
  • Request Transcripts 
  • Communicate with Parents & Stay in the Loop through Newsletter Blog Posts
Please remember that you may reach out to us with questions or concerns at any time.  Our email addresses are first name.first initial of last name (i.e. [email protected]) @c2labs.cc. The school phone number is 312.643.0991.

Below are a few images with captions that we hope will get you primed for the year and the innovative work that your children will be doing. 

We hope to see you soon, and thank you again for supporting GCE.

Team GCE

GCE Founder/Director, Eric Davis, & board member/student parent, Andrea Herrera (Founder of Amazing Edibles), engaging partners from Firebelly at the Final Presentations & Graduation Ceremony

Student conducting a mindfulness workshop with families & guests.

Collaborative student design teams creating a “Student Zone” for the 2013-14 school-year; this project was guided by Latent Design.
Students facilitating a dialectics workshop with guests.
2013-14 Kick-off event hosted by City2Classroom Partner, Gravity Tank

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