Reading Lists Installation – Using GoodReads as a School

Visualize a reading list.  Think of the many lines in a bibliography of a syllabus: you need to locate a book, and there are too many lines…  At C2 Labs, our courses also have bibliographies, listing essential books for both students and teachers.  But those lists change fast, as we study new books every term.  Looking for flexibility and interactivity, we decided to try something new.

We created a school Goodreads account with bookshelves for every course we teach.  This are interactive lists, which we update every time we teach a course… And you may also contribute, by leaving your suggestions as a comment to this blog post, or by befriending us on Goodreads and making recommendations through there.

Click on the book covers to access the course reading lists.

Global Context


    MDGs & You                        Who Am I?                       Food for Thought

Global Resources

    H2O                                        Fuel                                       Food

Global Stories

    Stories                               Forbidden Books                              Drama

Global Health

    Population                               Disease                                     Cure

Global Government

    Rhetoric                               Argument                                     Policy

Global Design

    Design & Engineering                 Light & Sound                       Urban Planning

Global Vision

    Equality                 Journalism                       Endurance

Global Enterprise

    Economics                 Systems & Models                       Enterprise