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Consistent with decisions made by schools and districts across the region and the country, GCE Lab School has determined to close the school building immediately following class on Friday, March 13. Students and families are encouraged to limit unnecessary travel and large group congregation to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

On the morning of March 13, students were oriented to our plan for a digital forum and the resources we will use to facilitate learning. Though the building will be closed, Monday, March 16th through Thursday, March 19th continue to be required days on our calendar. Students are required to check-in, attend virtual instruction, and complete work. As is the case every term, Final Presentations do not contribute to course grades, but their satisfactory completion (including the required reflection and debrief) is a requirement before term grades will be released.

Pending further developments, our current timeline is:

  • March 13: Last day of in-school instruction for the term. The building will close as promptly as possible at the end of the day.
  • March 16-19: Remote learning in preparation for the Final Presentation Digital Forum
  • March 20: Spring Break begins
  • April 2: School will resume with the beginning of Spring Term. We will begin the Spring Term online. Additional information forthcoming.

You and your student can expect to receive additional instruction regarding the expectations for students and for faculty during these remote learning days via the Head of School and Student Advisors.

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